Measles Vaccination Screening Program

With measles cases rising in the province and how contagious the disease is, the medical health officer recommends that everyone ensure that their measles vaccination status is up to date. This means: 
  • Two documented doses of the MMR vaccine (or other measles containing vaccine) 
  • Those born before 1970 are presumed to be immune 
If you are unsure of your measles vaccination status (two doses confer lifetime protection), it is recommended that you get the vaccine (provided you have no contraindications, which should be reviewed by a healthcare professional). The clinical team of healthcare professionals can review your BC Careconnect immunization records to ensure your vaccination status against measles is “up-to-date.”  Complete the vaccination record assessment form below, and a healthcare professional will contact you shortly.  

The following is a guide to Frequently Asked Questions about Pneumococcal Disease and the Vaccination products available for reducing disease risk. Please consult your Healthcare Provider for specific advice pertaining to your immunization needs.

Q: What if I have already been vaccinated, but I can’t find my records? 

A: There is no harm if you already received the vaccine as a child. The vaccine is publicly funded, so there is no charge to those who are eligible for vaccination. Staff who do not have Two (2) documented doses of a measles-containing vaccine will be informed to go to their local pharmacy or public health unit to get vaccinated. will look to have the vaccine on site for the May 17th staff immunization clinic.