Meningitis and Your Risk

Infectious Meningitis Disease (IMD) is a very serious disease and can be deadly. It is an inflammation of the protective layers of the brain (meninges), caused by bacteria. Many different bacteria may cause IMD, however it is mainly caused by different serogroups of certain bacteria.

What happens...





Sensitivity to light

Neck Stiffness


Severe cases may also lead to death

Who's at high risk?

Age < 5 and 15-25 years of age are at highest risk of contracting IMD.

How it spreads...

Sharing vape pens/cigarettes

Coughing or Sneezing

Travelling or living closely



The best way to protect yourself and your children is with vaccines for IMD. There are a number of vaccines available to help prevent IMD in children and adolescents.

Vaccine Preventable Serogroups That cause IMD

Serogroups covered in public school immunization programs
Vaccine preventable serogroups that cause IMD

Learn About your Risk of IMD

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