Three B.C. pharmacies commit to equal pay for UBC pharmacy students clinics are recognizing the important immunization contributions of pharmacy students, following a recent report that they are paid significantly lower

VANCOUVER, B.C. (April 5, 2021) – Responding to recent calls by pharmacy students to be paid the same as their healthcare student counterparts, three pharmacies — Wilson Pharmacy (Port Coquitlam), Laurel Prescriptions (Vancouver), and Davies Pharmacy (North Vancouver) — will provide significantly higher wages to University of B.C. pharmacy students for their work in delivering immunization services.

By recognizing pharmacy students and advocating against any disparity against those who are contributing to the immunization effort, the pharmacies are committed to employing 4th-year UBC pharmacy students at a rate of $28.33 per hour.

“We feel that there should be no discrimination against those who are working on the frontlines trying to make our communities healthy,” said Ajit Johal, Clinical Director and Pharmacist with “At, we have had incredible contributions from 4th-year UBC pharmacy students at our outreach clinics and at our partner pharmacies. All healthcare student immunizers are valuable contributors to the COVID-19 vaccination efforts and represent the future of healthcare delivery in this province.”

A recent mass callout by local health authorities for immunizers to support the public vaccination rollout at clinics included healthcare professional students, such as nurses, midwives, medical students, and pharmacists. However, pharmacy students have been singled out with lower pay for their services — a reported average of $19.70 — compared to all other disciplines despite similar job posting requirements.

Wilson Pharmacy and Davies Pharmacy were part of the Phase 1 community pharmacy vaccine rollout announced on March 31. More pharmacies will be participating in the administration of COVID-19 AstraZeneca / COVISHIELD vaccine next week. For those looking to book appointments for COVID-19 vaccinations, check the ImmunizeBC website for pharmacy locations currently offering the vaccine.

For those looking for more information on vaccinations, they are encouraged to contact at or on Facebook (


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