meets high demand for flu vaccinations, completes immunization campaign for two B.C. school districts

The B.C. Immunization group provided close to 3,000 influenza shots for school staff members and business employees during the fall season

VANCOUVER, B.C. (December 3, 2020) – With heightened focus on virus prevention this year, Health Association completed its highest annual total of influenza vaccinations, providing close to 3,000 flu shots. Since October, the non-profit organization has completed more than 20 immunization campaigns, with a majority of shots given to staff members in approximately 70 schools over two major school districts in B.C.

Working together with the districts, the B.C. immunization group consulted on the initiatives, and administered influenza vaccines to 1,593 staff members at the Richmond School District and about 223 staff members at the Maple Ridge School District. As well, 312 shingles vaccinations were provided for Richmond School District staff members over the age of 50.

In comparison, only 700 influenza vaccinations were provided in total last year during the same time period.

“The demand for flu prevention has been the highest that we’ve seen since we started,” said Ajit Johal, Clinical Director and Pharmacist with “Heading into the new year, we expect to see even more demand from organizations and businesses to protect their employees with additional vaccinations. Working with Augustus Lee, and the health and the safety team at the Richmond School District has demonstrated the value of creating the foundations of a healthy workplace, and we’re here to help provide innovative programs to help employers keep their staff healthy as we look forward to 2021.” continues to stress the importance of prevention to help reduce the impact of COVID-19 during this global pandemic. That includes protection from other diseases, such as shingles, pneumococcal disease, and hepatitis-B — with vaccinations for all three currently available.

“As an employer we value the health and wellbeing of our employees, and the recent immunization offerings are one component of our healthy workplace programming,” said Augustus Lee, Health and Safety Manager for the Richmond School District. “The campaign not only provided protection from influenza, and from shingles for our employees over the age of 50, but we were able to learn more from about the importance of immunization.”

For those looking for more information on vaccinations for influenza, shingles, pneumococcal disease, and hepatitis-B, they are encouraged to reach out and contact on their website ( ) or on Facebook ( ).




About Health Association aims to take their “best shot” at immunizing the world by improving education and access to vaccination across B.C. The non-profit organization provides educational content, immunization consultation, and vaccination administration to improve health through prevention. Proceeds of immunization sales go towards donating vaccinations and essential service to under-developed countries.

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