Educational Webinars

Vaccinations are a “foundation of a healthy workplace”

As a foundation of a healthy workplace, the importance of routine immunization updates, and knowledge of recommended vaccinations are integral to ensure safety and mitigate risk of preventable disease.

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Vaccine Education

High community and workplace immunization rates are needed to achieve “herd immunity” and to reduce the burden of COVID-19. School district staff are a critical group when it comes to vaccine education and messaging.

Adult Immunizations

Adults still need vaccines, even after routine childhood and adolescent immunizations. It is important to stay up to date on your vaccinations throughout your life, to improve health outcomes and create healthier communities. Specific vaccinations are recommended based on age, occupational risk, medical conditions, and international travel. This webinar will cover what vaccines YOU need, based on your age and risk, throughout your life.


This presentation on HPV chronicles the history from Dr. Harald zur Hausen’s nobel prize winning discovery in the 1980’s to the development and use of HPV vaccines today. The rapidly growing scientific evidence of vaccine benefits and numerous vaccine controversies are addressed along the way.


Influenza or “the flu” remains a serious and unpredictable threat to our community. Watch the influenza story unfold in this powerful webinar presentation and learn how you can protect yourself and your loved ones from the threat of influenza.

What to expect during our Webinar

On-demand sessions allowing for education at your own pace

easily comprehensible material that makes vaccination education more accessible

Information tailored to your specific region

information about the impact of vaccine preventable diseases, misconceptions about vaccine safety & steps you can take to stay up to date on your vaccinations